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Franchise Opportunities

Why Canter CADD?

We are a company that was established in 2004 with a simple, deeply committed vision to unleash the power of Engineering. Engineering is a great power. It fuels the world's economy, makes our life wonderfully safe and comfortable and fills the world with wondrous products and services and unleashes the power of human's mind!

Very early we understood the future and wanted to seize the opportunity and provide leadership and make an impact in the field of computer technology used in Engineering. In the following we have made clear what specifically drives us.

To make CANTER CADD Project Management the most preferred provider & contributor of Project Management courses for the professionals.

To unleash the power of engineering by the highest standards of training of Software used in Engineering.

To spread this power in the whole world by creating Vision Partners in all countries. Our Vision is to bring a new excellence and idea in the field of human resource development by show casing the power of proper training to create values of character, business power and service.

To strive ceaselessly by putting all efforts to live up to our vision, never to fail in our prime duty of giving the best to students, to always learn and grow and do better, and to never rest content with success but to aim further and go further. Also to work as a united team and thus find great meaning and joy with our work towards our vision.

To provide the best-in-class training program for top corporate and professionals aspiring to be high-end Project & Program managers across industries.

The core principle of any success is the root value of training. That simply means final delivery and really achieving results. This is the work ethic and commitment that we practice. There is no compromise on our vision to unleash the power of Engineering. And that power is what we give to students.

The gap between knowledge and methods of using software available and the students professional use of it is bridged. That to us is the essence of Training and Human Development. That is the daily work and a huge challenge. Without a conscious policy of commitment to students and achieving learning outcomes, and incorporating that same ethic and values in trainers and all our vision partners, success would be minimal.

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