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HYPERMESH: Hypermesh is the market-leading, multi-disciplinary finite element pre-processor which manages the generations of largest, most complex models, starting from the import of a CAD geometry to exporting a ready-to-run solver file. It supports a wide variety of CAD and solver interface, making it a perfect solution for most industry verticals and domains. With its advanced geometry and meshing capabilities, Hypermesh provides an environment for rapid model generation. Generating high quality mesh quickly is just one of Hypermesh’s core competencies. Stable release of Hypermesh 2019 in June 10, 2019

Altair Engineering Inc. is the American MNC headquartered in Troy, was founded by James R Scapa, George Christ, and Mark kistner in 1985. Altair Engineering Inc. developed Hypermesh software. It was launched in the year 1990. Hyperworks has many software divisions like Hypermesh, Optistruct, Radioss, Motion View, Motion solver, Hyperxtrude, Hyperform, Hyperstudy, Hypermath, Accusolve, and FEKO. 

Hypermesh are widely used in mechanical industries especially automobile, aviation, structural, electromechanical sector for design validation. It help us to avoid making prototype saves of tons of material in helps us to save time and cost during product design. It help us to produced robust design in short gives us nearby result.

Course Objectives: This course will cover all the concept of Finite Element Analysis. The main objective of this course is to make student and corporate professionals proficient enough in CAE using Hypermesh. The content of Hypermesh which we are providing here are 1D meshing, 2D meshing, 3D meshing, Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Buckling Analysis. Hypermesh is equipped with all the capabilities that are required for completing a product design.

Some of the features that we focus in training include:

Model Creation: with the help of surface and solid options in Hypermesh we can able create components for performing Analysis operations.

Geometry cleanups: before performing meshing operations we have to perform geometry cleanups for doing proper mesh operations, because while importing models from other software the models sometimes get damaged due to which we have to perform geometry cleanups.

Meshing: it is a process to convert infinite element object to finite element object by dividing the object into small elements. Analysis is mainly depend on type of meshing. How much good mesh we can perform that much accurate results we get.

Analysis: We can able to perform linear and non-linear static analysis, Dynamic Analysis, and Buckling Analysis by using Optistruct and Radioss solver.


Introduction to FEM

Brief on meshing

Basic interaction with Hyper mesh 

Understanding and Repairing

Preparing geometry for meshing

Automatic & Shell meshing

Standard Tetra & Volume Tetra meshing 

Tetra Mesh Processor


Assemblies: Welding and swapping parts

Analysis setup

Hyper mesh Solver interfaces

Review ,Test and project Discussion

Learning Outcomes:

Students will know about Hypermesh concepts.

Students will be able to use Hypermesh graphical user interface.

Students will be able to create components under Hypermesh software using surface and solid based commands.

Students will be able to perform geometry cleanups by deleting bad edges, fill surfaces, and toggle edges with tolerances on the components to refine the geometry, to create reasonable mesh, and to assign proper thickness.

Students will be able to perform 1D mesh, in 1D mesh we are doing 1D connections for analysis.

Students will able to do 2D mesh on the components whose thickness is very less compared to other dimensions.

Students will be able to do tetra mesh by using volume tetra and other options in tetra mesh.

Students will be able to do Hex mesh by using the commands like solid map, linear solid, drag along vector, line drag, spin.

Students will be able to check the quality of mesh and reduce those errors by doing re-meshing, Translate, project, and replace etc.,

Students will be able assign boundary conditions using Load Collector option in Hypermesh

Students will be able to perform Static Analysis both linear and non-linear analysis

Students will be able to Dynamic Analysis, and Buckling Analysis in Hypermesh using Optistruct Solver

Students will be able to visualize results of their Analysis in Hypermesh using Hyperview

Latest Updates: New Release—Hypermesh 2019, as part of Altair Engineering Inc. commitment to deliver new builds more frequently; this version adds great new functionality to improve efficiency for engineers around the world and has resolved numerous issues that have been reported and thus highly recommend that you look to adopt this version and improve your working experience.

The principal developments and enhancements that are delivered in this new version of Hypermesh are:

The new feature enables the generation of the largest, most complex finite element models. The model build and assembly tools in Hypermesh make managing large, complex assemblies easier than ever.

The direct mid-mesh generation makes it possible to create shell meshes straight from solid geometry of complex casting and injection molded parts.

Analysis with Altair Optistruct is increasing at companies performing stiffness, strength, and fatigue-life simulations.

In this release it included with a new set of workflows of geometry creation, editing, morphing, and meshing employing this same user experience. The east-to-learn mesh morphing features of Hypermesh will bring efficiency to teams working on simulation models early in product development.

Career Opportunities: 

Will get opportunities to work in Automotive and Aerospace companies, where you will work on pre-processing like Geometry cleanups, morphing, meshing etc.

Will get the opportunity to work in companies like Airbus group Inc., Quest engineering, ABB, TE connectivity, Alstom, Hyundai.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I can't decide if Hypermesh suits me? What do I do now?

Simple! Just call your nearest CANTER CADD outlet or send us an online inquiry through our website. Our counselor will get in touch with you and offer technical advice and guidance on choosing the right courses for your needs.

2. Is there any job related to Mechanical Engineering software, like AutoCAD or Hypermesh?

Hypermesh is widely used by Mechanical engineers and is a pre-requisite in almost all Mechanical engineering related industries. Knowing Hypermesh is definitely an advantage if you are looking for such jobs. Almost all CAE jobs require knowledge of Hypermesh.

3. Is Hypermesh popular in the Mechanical Engineering industry? 

Hypermesh is extremely versatile and ideal for pre-processing where we performing geometry cleanups, morphing, and meshing operations. Most of the CAE companies will use Hypermesh for pre-processing. 

4. What should we know before learning Hypermesh?

As the name says, this tool is for Pre-processing. So before learning Hypermesh, you won’t require anything. This is only helping tool which makes your work easier while performing pre-processing operations before going for analysis.  

5. What is the best way to learn Hypermesh?

Canter CADD provides comprehensive and industry specific training for many mechanical CAD/CAE software including Hypermesh. Visit or call your nearest Canter CADD outlet and speak with our counselor who will be able to guide you properly. Our trainers are all experienced in using the software and also imparting quality training to students.