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AutoCAD Building Design is from Autodesk and addresses the needs of Civil Engineering companies involved in standalone and BIM (Building Information Modelling) Civil engineering projects.

Built on a familiar AutoCAD platform AutoCAD Building Design has been specifically geared to address the challenging needs of Civil Engineers around the world involved in complex and demanding civil engineering projects such as land development, transportation and even water based engineering projects.

With a comprehensive and complex toolset that addresses a multitude of Civil engineering disciplines and requirements, Civil 3D is the ideal BIM software with which to bring your Civil engineering projects together from preliminary exploration of what if design scenarios, through to earthwork calculations, road and highway design, drainage systems and so much more.

AutoCAD supports 64-bit operating systems giving it the ability to support exceptionally large data sets and is also available as part of the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection, which is excellent news for civil engineering companies that wish to access complementary CAD software.


● Explanation of different types of plans like commercial & residential
● Calculating plan dimensions
● Different wall sizes (brick sizes)
● Plan (only walls)
● Practice session on 3 different types of plans
● Door sizes different types of doors
● Windows / ventilators sizes
● Placing in plan as per requirement
● Texting scheduling/ dimensioning
● Practice session
● Column layout
● Beam layout
● Centre line diagram

● Section including footings
● Introduction to staircase
● Stair case 1 & 2 type
● Stair case 3 & 4 type
● Section of stair case
● Practice session
● Furniture
● Electricity
● Drainage
● Elevation
● Multi-level elevation
● 3d of stair case
● Basics of 3d plan
● 3d plan