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We are a company that was established in 2004 with a simple, deeply committed vision to unleash the power of Engineering. Engineering is a great power. It fuels the world's economy, makes our life wonderfully safe and comfortable and fills the world with wondrous products and services and unleashes the power of human's mind!

Very early we understood the future and wanted to seize the opportunity and provide leadership and make an impact in the field of computer technology used in Engineering. In the following we have made clear what specifically drives us.

We have explained why there is a need for in-depth training of these computer technologies, how we have put in place the most efficient training program, our success story to date and finally why the road ahead is almost endless and the fact that we have miles to go...

The Power of Computer Technology in Engineering

The root of Engineering is always an idea or ideas. It is the original thought in the mind of the inventor/designer that is finally brought into physical reality. Engineering requires tools and the most powerful tool in the world is computer technology. It has dramatically created impact in every field of business and work and Engineering is no exception. One of the great inventions powering the Engineering field is the following software trainings in Autocad,CAD,catia,creo,STAAD Pro,PPM,Primavera,Ansys workbench Revit Architecture,mx roads,3ds Max, E Tabs etc.

Imagine just a few decades back the labor involved in manual designing and drafting. The process was time consuming, with painstaking effort and with factor of errors and corrections that meant number of hours added and energy too. Also the design could not be visually tested or creatively manipulated at the design stage. There was also the crucial aspect of storage. Large amounts of data were involved in terms of sheets and the inconvenience of storing and duplication can well be imagined.

All this became a thing of the past when Autocad software was introduced in 1982.Even since then this very tool has advanced in its features and power, and today it is in regular widespread use in the world. CAD Softwares have solved all the problems associated with manual drafting in many fields of Engineering including Architecture. There is such an ease and power at the hands of Engineer/draftsman today. He can correct easily, provide wonderful layouts in 2D and 3D, can show multiple views, be quick and store loads of drawings and designs fairly easily and much more!! It has saved precious hours and energy and left the mind ever so quick and efficient! Ultimately it saves money and fuels creativity. It has enhanced business and created a whole industry worth billions today. This coupled with its applications in Engineering has saved billions in each of the Engineering fields by saving precious time, energy, money and unleashing creativity!!

On the design and planning level too, the root codes and design principles in any Engineering whether Civil CAD, Electrical CAD and Mechanical CAD or Architecture CAD, have been incorporated and with proper training and practice the Engineer and designer today equipped with sound knowledge of his core concepts/ideas in his field of Engineering can manipulate alternatives in the design stage itself, test alternatives , have a deeper understanding of the final product to come before hand and with clarity and optimize his final design for maximum suitability, cost effectiveness and efficiency. In fact this very tool demands creativity and in depth practice and familiarity with the  Autocad,CAD, catia, creo ,STAAD Pro, PPM, Primavera, Ansys workbench, Revit Architecture,3ds Max, E Tabs  Revit Architecture,Revit MEP MX roads etc Tool.

Also project planning can be facilitated with the powerful software of this again leaves a lot of room to optimize and smoothen operations. Planning is a fundamental power. The most meticulous panning and detailed operations can be laid out for Projects far more effectively today than before. This again raises productivity, cuts cost in terms of time and energy and unleashes creativity.

The Special Role We Want to Play to Fill the Huge Demand.But a powerful tool like Autocad,CAD, catia, creo ,STAAD Pro, PPM, Primavera, Ansys, Revit Architecture,3ds Max, E Tabs Revit Architecture,Revit MEP MX roads etc.requires powerful and efficient training. Numerous reports have been released by the industry that supply is not equaling demand. This is the key problem in this field, there is powerful software, Industry needs men who can deliver the results but the skill development and other skills needed are falling short of the demand. Students in short are simply not good enough.

Also many people working are not updating themselves and institution, colleges too, are falling short of giving proper training. Thus we have come up with a syllabus, a step wise implementation, and the most modern and powerful methods for delivery and hands on experimental learning as our prime focus.

Also we suit our training to the student and also to the institution.

Till today we have served : 1 Lakh students

CAD Training Institutes : 100 branches