What's new in AutoCAD Electrical 2021 Release

The new features for this release are predominantly enhancements that were requested by and driven from customer feedback, the Autodesk IdeaStation, surveys and analytic data. Other additions are general feature improvements and increased stability.

Global Search Facility for the Component Catalog:
Well, it’s fair to say this is a really great addition and has been something we have been calling for, for a long time, ever since the search engine style search tool was introduced. Up until now, you could only search in a specific family table, now you can search the entire database at once using the Global Search option. Access the Global Search facility via the catalog browser.

New Catalog Content:
Content updates released in previous versions are now included in AutoCAD Electrical 2021 as standard, these updates include catalogue data specifically from Eaton and Siemens.
New Siemens catalog information has been added for the PLC series ‘S7-1500’.

Icon Menu Optimization:
The icon menu in Auto Cad Electrical 2021 has seen improvements made with the background and icon colours to provide optimum contrast between them and the drawing area, this decreases distraction from the drawing area.

Product Enhancements

Project Database Services
Improved stability whilst working with project database services.
Bill of material LISP routines now includes the ability to create valid XML files in the German version.
Component reports now follow the sort options created in the report format (SET) file.
Improved stability when generating reports.
Project setup
When browsing to find and open a project, the default directory will follow the path specified in the WD_PICKPRJDLG variable line of the WD.ENV environment file.
Insert Component and Wires
The pin assignment of the circuit breaker parent symbol correctly respects the number of child contacts in the drawing.
Fan-Out Workflow Stability
Wire imports will bring the size and color property values of the wire.
Where wire numbers are inserted using the Insert Terminal (Schematic List) they will be displayed in the panel terminals.
Increased stability when inserting panel components.

PDF Publishing
When publishing PDF’s with hyperlinks, the hexagonal arrow style will link to the correct references.

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