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Canter CADD trainers have extensive work experience in using the relevant software and are also equipped with the latest techniques in imparting quality training.  This has aided in our students getting selected and placed in leading organisations that use CAD technology all over India.  

The training programs are also designed keeping in mind the industry trends and also the student’s curriculum.  Periodic assessment tests are conducted to help the student in preparing for job interviews and also to understand their level of technical knowledge.  We guide and mentor our students not only in mastering software but also to effectively use it in their project work and to be able to attend interviews.

As we have been training students over a decade and many of them are being employed in the workforce, many organisations recognise us and contact us whenever they have any requirements.  These are then shared with our students who then attend the interview and if successful, get placed.  

The certification provided to our students is accepted and valued worldwide and is a true testimony of the student’s skill.  Our certificates also have a seal of authenticity which cannot be duplicated and are available to be viewed on our website.  

This allows our students and prospective employers to verify the course credentials.  Our certificate also lists the contents of the course the student has undertaken, which we believe, is an important part of any credential.


Communication skills and soft skills are in great demand in the market place. In the complex, global world of today, communication becomes vitally important. But to train the student we need professionals who have worked at the grass root level and achieved results. Such professional exist and we conduct regular workshops and provided excellent workbooks and practice sessions suited to Indians to master English Skills. Also our value based training and vision indirectly gives the students professional ethics. To train by example and practicing ethics ourselves is the best training.
This result oriented training coupled with excellent content training ensures excellent placement.

Collaboration with TrustLogics

Canter CADD has signed an MoU with TrustLogics, a U.S based recruitment platform provider who will be partnering with us in providing a service for our students to create their profiles on their platform and apply for jobs in their relevant core area. 

TrustLogics is an internationally acclaimed recruitment solution provider and has also tied up with many countries to provide a similar service. As part of the MoU, this service will be launched from April 2019 and will be spread across all Canter CADD’s branches. More information will be provided shortly.