Our Training Methodology

Bringing out the Innate Talent in Each Student!

Our whole focus and daily challenge is to provide the right training to the student, giving him the necessary skills, expertise and insights in using the powerful computer software used in Engineering and Planning.

There is a huge need for professionals adept at computer software used for Engineering and our whole vision is to bridge the gap between the demand and supply and take business on the next level by unleashing the power of Engineering.

We have evolved over time, finding solutions to all the problems that came in the way of proper training and achieving learning outcomes. In the following we have detailed out the process under various headings.


Our real power and strength is our CORE LEADERSHIP TEAM. We have passionate and highly experienced core team that takes care of curriculum design and updation, recruitment, training and monitoring of faculty. They also are fully in charge to monitor our training goals and methods and implement the same with no compromise.  They are driven by a vision to make a difference and unleash the power of Engineering. They are driven by passion for the field at root and have set themselves the highest standards of delivery.  This incredibly talented pool of individuals are constantly innovating, keeping up to date with latest trends, solving daily challenges, closely monitoring all the processes, and learning and growing each day for delivery and results. It is our core team that transmits our vision from top down and have brought a great success to our Vision Implementation. 


We hand pick our faculty with great care. The qualities we look for is the trainer’s passion for his field and also passion for teaching. If any one of these two are absent then the delivery is impossible. Knowing this fully well, we are always on the lookout for those gems who passion to learn and passion to train. Also we look for high commitment to deliver the best for the students. This is possible only if the trainer has the ability to bond with students, be a proper mentor by example and create an atmosphere of training where the students are free to ask doubts and take help. This policy is very strict for us and we invest in our search for the very best faculty. It is this foundational method of “Best Faculty-Best Results” that ensures success in delivery of our curriculum and methods and also ensures trouble free daily working. It is this policy that we have perfected over the years that gives us the dynamism to go big and yet maintain the highest standards.


Once a trainer joins us, we ensure an upward path of learning for him in terms of course content, methods of teaching and soft skills and counseling skills. Learning is never ending and only a passionate willingness to learn ensures that we keep up with the fast growing world. The willingness to quickly adapt to change, update and grow is the hallmark of successful professionals and we ensure that in our faculty. This also ensures a high degree of job satisfaction in our trainers. Our trainers feel respected and are happy that they are improving all the time. Training becomes a joyous activity and they can sustain their passion for a long time.


The core principle of any success is the root value of training. That simply means final delivery and really achieving results. This is the work ethic and commitment that we practice. There is no compromise on our vision to unleash the power of Engineering. And that power is what we give to students. The gap between knowledge and methods of using software available and the students’ professional use of it is bridged. That to us is the essence of Training and Human Development. That is the daily work and a huge challenge. Without a conscious policy of commitment to students and achieving learning outcomes, and incorporating that same ethic and values in trainers and all our vision partners, success would be minimal.

This policy is repeated in words and action in students, and trainers and vision partners from time to time and reinforced through programs by eminent speakers on motivation and role of values and character in achieving great professional success and personal satisfaction.


Learning is at root lot of fun and can be a source of great enthusiasm. That atmosphere of fun and learning must be created in each center. Learning and working is mainly a source of personal joy and energy. This is achieved by proper training that makes the student eager to practice, a policy of and soft skill development, providing challenging tasks and competitions from time to time and seminars by industry experts. This is also achieved by respect for the student’s ability and close personal attention to suit our training to student strengths and weaknesses. Above all a bonding is ensured so that a student feels himself to be a part of the whole process and feel completely free of work hard and ask questions. All this indirectly transforms the students approach to life and working much more than words. Hard work must be associated with happiness.

Thus the role of the faculty and branch head becomes practically apparent and it is here that proper selection and constant monitoring and training of faculty and other staff pays its dividends.

This is not difficult for us, because of our top down approach.  Our own Vision and commitment to quality training ensures results because most people respond to positive leadership.


The complex software that students need to handle cannot be mastered without a step wise program and practice. So our curriculum is broken into easy parts and one part is mastered before going to the next. So testing mainly to check ourselves and also students are a regular feature. Finally the certificate that we issue is authentic and reflects the student’s expertise. This is the reason why our certificate of completion of course is valued in the work place.
To put it simply, training has to get results. So training should be outcome based rather then mere delivery. This coupled with a learning environment and personal attention ensures results. 


Bonding with the students as a mentor and guide is essential to results this is the modern method of education. Mere delivery of content is replaced by engaging the student in the learning environment. Usually students in the earlier age are raw with great capacities and energy. They need to be moulded and that can only happen if they feel comfortable and free to ask questions. It is very easy to teach young people in such an atmosphere and saves lot of time and energy. This is the chief reason why we select faculty who have that special quality of passion for teaching and sincerity that students respond to. In fact our decades of experience have taught us that practically selecting and placing the right person is half the battle won.  


Our courses obviously demand lots of practice until the right comfort level is reached. Our training is geared completely towards practice method. In fact, only while practicing does the student really tests himself in all the processes learnt. It is here that doubts are raised, and confidence increased.

These practice sessions are meticulously planned in terms of step wise improvement. The whole course is broken into parts and summed up slowly. Another advantage of this is only by mastery does the student feel motivated and learns further. Overload would destroy motivation.

Finally it is practice that makes the learning fun. All great educational experts have said that learning is done in the most focused and creative way only when there is an association of pleasure. Hard work should not feel like hard work. That is the open secret of the success of our students in the market place. 


Another very important aspect of training is development of independent thinking. Good training means to make the students independent and that come only by thinking along with following. Spoon feeding is an old method. Modern methods demand self learning, self exploring and fearless questioning. So the student is also a teacher while h is trying out and the trainers are trained to make the student try things, think of how to do tasks, give only clues and thus the student slowly enjoys thinking and thus the learning becomes fast and simple. Even the personal satisfaction and pride is more when the student feels self reliant and independent and in the workplace this is an obvious virtue.

Another important reason for including of thinking skills is the challenges that softwares are constantly updated and new software and features are constantly introduced in the market. Without thinking skills, the ability to update oneself is not realized.


Training is fun and exciting and must be so. The content is obviously very interesting and gives a great power to students. This is a source of joy and pride for students. To learn is natural and a true professional enjoys his work. Only such professionals are in great demand.

We constantly try to make classes interesting by peer projects, challenging tasks, proper training, stress on fundamentals and seminars by industry experts. 


Seminars from industry experts link the content with the real world and amplifies learning and gives that feel for the applications.

We also conduct workshops on communication skills in English and soft skills that are conducted by people who have worked on the grass root level. The workshops are followed by practice sessions that ensure good written and spoken English skills.


Learning is never final and never should be. What we are today is the result of involving in the great challenge of implementing our Vision all these years. Man has an infinite potential and those who are humble are the ones who learn and keep raising standards. We know this principle too well and we have miles to go, to learn, to grow, to become better each day…

Canter CADD Established in 2004