Course Delivery

Engineering is a very dynamic profession and its function - building all kinds of structures, creating wonderful machines and constantly innovating - are going to reach peak levels, with all the  projects, sometimes very ambitious , planned all over the world.

The very complexity and labour required to design and present them obviously cries out for effective and highly skilled professionals in CAD.

Hence learning and mastering computer software, is very crucial and can be achieved only by a proper understanding of the power of these software’s.

It is not enough to learn just the functions but why and how the functions become useful and powerful in real life situations.

This is where our unique training methodology comes in with its various features. See training methodology.

So our training and vision is all about quality and giving that power to students.

The step wise implementation, learning to think, making projects thrilling, creating a friendly environment and above all practice based coaching with matching material etc works with all the students. This is the reason we have taken such leaps in such a short time because of students’ trust and gratitude .

Needless to add, this is the m ain reason we have an excellent placement record, and our certificates carry weight.

Canter CADD Established in 2004