3DS Max

3DS Max is amazingly powerful and complex software for Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering and Animating. This Course focuses specifically on using 3DS Max to Visualize Real World designs. In CANTER CADD will cover other programs as a Reference.

Creating Architectural drawing’s such as Walls, Windows, Doors, Stairs, Railings and so on. In addition we will cover a variety of modeling techniques, with Splines, Polygon Modeling and more.

We will sculpt and paint a Landscape, Place Trees, Plant Grass, Simulation of Cloth, and a lot more.

Each chapter begins with concepts and learning objectives, then moves into easy way supported by full–Color and Real–world exercises. You will create actual animations as you learn a retro–Style Alarm clock and more while you conquer the techniques of Modeling, Rigging, Animating, Rendering, and Architectural Visualization. When you′re finished, you′ll also have a head start on preparing for the Autodesk 3DS MAX Certified Professional exam.

Learn these Autodesk 3ds Max essentials and more:

Attaching, Grouping, and Compounding.

Tracing Splines.

Designing Spline-based Walls and Windows.

Lathing a 2D profile.

Deforming objects with modifiers.

Creating parametric AEC objects.

Giving Texture to any objects.

Modeling objects with Splines and Polygons.

Animating both simple and complex objects.

Creating rooms, Doors, and Windows using CAD Files.

Adding color and Glow to an object.

Applying Lighting and Texturing to enhance Interior scenes.

Working with Mental ray and HDRI.

Working with files and objects from other programs.

Simulating Fabric, Grass, and Foliage.

Texture Mapping and Designing Materials.

Placing Virtual Cameras.

Animating a Camera along with Flight Path.

Rendering Images.

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