primavera training enhancements

Primavera P6 18.8 Enhancements:

Interactive Gantt in the Standard View of the Activities Page and Capacity Planning Page’s

You can change the duration, start, or finish dates of activities directly in the Gantt in the Standard View of the Activities Page.

You can also drag the beginning or end of an activity bar to change the duration or drag the whole activity bar to apply a Start On Or After constraint. Drag multiple activities to change the start and finish dates.

Add new activities, and link or unlink activities from the right click menu in the Gantt. Assign relationships by dragging in the Gantt and modify or delete relationships by right-clicking on the relationship line.

In the Capacity Planning page, change the forecast dates of a project by dragging the forecast bar to a new position in the Gantt.

Performance has been enhanced in loading the Activities, EPS, Resource Assignment, Resources, Roles, and User Access pages when multiple user-defined fields are included in the review.

Import global and export global data

You can now import and export data via Excel on the Enterprise Data page. This feature is helpful for periodic updates of enterprise data. Existing data can be updated and new data can be added.

If data fails to import, download a copy of the import file with appended information on why data failed to import. In this release, activity code import and export has been implemented.

Team Member Improvements

Team Member also gets a few new features including:

You can now filter based on the primary resource assigned to an activity in both P6 for Android and iOS.

You can search the activity list based on codes and user-defined fields in P6 for Android and iOS.

You can use a setting in P6 to restrict whether resources in Team Member Web, P6 for Android and iOS can assign themselves to activities outside the resource’s OBS access.

You can now use up to five criteria to filter activity data. You can also group activities and assignments by project and WBS.

Integration with Oracle Prime

You can now import tasks from the Oracle Prime Projects Tasks to Primavera P6 Professional when connected to an EPPM database to integrate your lean scheduling process with P6. Prime tasks are visible in the Primavera P6 Client as tasks assigned to activities in integrated projects.

Prime Sync is no longer supported in P6 EPPM. Use Primavera Gateway to configure a connection between Primavera P6 and Oracle Prime Projects.

Special Operation Event Triggers

The following special Operation event triggers have been added:

Publish Audit Data Job Service, Global Search and Replace Job Service, Import Job Service, Export Job Service, and Update Baseline Job Service.

Performance Enhancements

P6 Web Services Read Activities operation is faster in customizing the Activities Page view when the open project contains a large number of activities.

New Features in P6 Professional

Some new import features have been added to Primavera P6 Professional including:

View XML Import and Export Logs Without Primavera P6 EPPM: you can now view XML import and export logs without the need for Primavera P6 to be installed on Primavera Virtual Desktop.

Import Zipped XER Files: You can also import XER files directly from a zipped file with no need to unzip it first.

Import and Export Location with Projects: When you import and export Projects using the Primavera XML format, location data is included in and retrieved from the XML file.

New improvements in offline working for P6 Professional. You can now view the date and time when a project was last cached in the Last Cached Date column in the Projects View.

Performance Percent Complete field based on labor units – The Performance % Complete – Labor Units field in Primavera P6 Professional shows the percentage earned value of the budget at completion as calculated from labor units.

Both Primavera P6 EPPM and P6 Professional’s mapping guides are now available in both HTML and PDF format.

The primary objective of this Primavera Training at CANTER CADD Manage personally identifiable information in both Primavera P6 EPPM and Professional. New capabilities have been added that enable you to manage the personally identifiable information you store in P6 Professional, including creating consent notices, auditing consent status, and controlling access to specific data. 

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