Canter Cadd India Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with PTC and is a successful Authorised Training Center (ATC) for Creo 5.0 - the latest version in the field of Mechanical CAD.

With Creo 5.0, you can build better products faster by accelerating innovation, reusing designs, and replacing assumptions with facts. It's design the way it should be.

Creo 5.0: What's New

Unlock the latest in 3D CAD with Creo 5.0:
• Enhanced user interface
• Modeling enhancements for increased productivity
• New capabilities in topology optimization, analysis (computational fluid dynamics), additive manufacturing, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), augmented reality (AR), and multi-CAD

Core Productivity Enhancements Accelerate your productivity with:
• Volume helical sweeps
• Sketch regions
• UI/UX improvements
• Design in perspective
• Round handling for drafts
• Sheet metal improvements
• Surfacing improvements

Modeling and Design
NEW - Topology Optimization**
With Creo Topology Optimization, you define the objectives and constraints, leaving Creo to create the optimized, parametric geometry for you. What took weeks now takes seconds in Creo 5.0 because you're not recreating geometry. That's design the way it should be.

Creo Flow Analysis
NEW - Computational Fluid Dynamics
A complete CFD solution made for the CAD user. Now you have analysis tools at your fingertips. Find and fix issues with liquid or gas flow around your products early in the design process - before you invest in prototypes.

CAM and Manufacturing Additive Manufacturing
Whether you're printing with polymers or metal, Creo 5.0 has you covered, with support for Stratasys and 3D Systems plastic printers and the library of Materialise-enabled printers.

Creo Mold Machining Extension
This new capability contains high-speed machining tool paths. You can machine complex designs for one-off and low-volume production with ease. And because it is all in Creo, when the design changes, it's easy to regenerate the tool paths.

Augmented Reality (AR)
You have the power of AR in every seat of Creo. With a few clicks, you can author and publish an AR experience from right inside your model. New capabilities in Creo 5.0 allow you to manage access to the AR experiences you create.

With Creo 5.0, you can now open and update Autodesk Inventor files, adding to Creo's robust Unite Technology multi-CAD capabilities.

Canter Cadd keeps on reviewing and offering new courses in their curriculum to meet the changing industry standards and to keep the students updated with the latest technologies. It's commitment towards providing high quality training has allowed Canter CAD to gain accolades from leading CAD organisations over the years.

At Canter CAD precision and persistent efforts toward achieving excellence in the things we do is a way of life.