BIM Tools That Can Help You Get Started


Why aren’t you using BIM yet?


The impact of BIM (Building Information Modelling) on construction projects has increased over time and now there are more BIM software tools than ever before. The use of BIM virtual reality and 4D imaging is starting to revolutionize the builder’s lifecycle. It allows contractors to make better design decisions, reduce waste, and perhaps even reach that elusive goal of finishing on-time and on-budget.

Why should you implement BIM or even give it the time of day?  Imagine the efficiencies in viewing a 4D model of your contract building before the footings are poured. Imagine being able to make design changes without losing money and wasting man power. BIM provides a solid advantage both to owners and contractors.

In a study conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction, between 2007-2012 BIM usage increased from 17% to 71% in the US and has become standardized in the drafting and design industry.

Users of BIM of report, as noted in the McGraw-Hill study, that 4D models provide more accuracy, lead to fewer claims and issues, and  influence shorter project durations.

If you’re not yet beginning to use BIM modeling, maybe it’s time to get ready to learn REVIT BIM